The App

Join in on the revival of the repairwomen and men!

This section features those women and men around the world fixing our stuff. They take pride in repairing our broken and worn out belongings. It's no financial dream, the reward comes in satisfaction seeing us smile and pat our favorite toys, tools or clothes. These heroes will shine in our spotlight series. Stay tuned and bring your broken stuff to your local hero!

Here’s an overview of all the screens for the app so far. It shows two functionalities, find repair shop and add repair shop (there is also a link page to the online resources). This means there is no need for a native app, a web based app will serve just as fine.

Who you gonna call?

Add your favourite repair shop today!

Join in on the hero hunt…

Even though the app is still in development we can start adding to the database of repair shops around the world. The Google form is a humble beginning but we got to start somewhere. Make your neighborhood repair hero part of the growing list…

Interactive sketch of the app

The app is basically a repair shop finder, we've boiled it down to 6 categories:

• Tools (Power tools, lawnmower, snow shovel…)
• Electronics (iphone, laptop, tv, vacuum cleaner…)
• Fabrics (Clothes, shoes, furniture covers, your grandmas tent…)
• Bikes (all the objects moving you from a to b)
• Appliances (Fridge, washing machines, tumblers etc)
• Magic (for all the stuff not mentioned above)

For this app to be successful, meaning useful, we need you to add your favorite repair woman or man. Some kind of grading will be in place to ensure your beloved product get the attention and care it deserves. If you want to beta test this app, please leave your mail address and we'll get in touch with you.

To have some money flowing into this project we will allow for ads by verified repair shops, ok?

If you think this is a good idea, maybe you can help realise it in some way. What can you do? Click the support button and see if there is some little thing you can do. And be sure to share this project, the more people become repair aware the better:-)