We're on a roll, but there is no time to rest…

Some hundred years ago a few business-minded industry leaders agreed to make their products less durable. Planned obsolescence was born. It caught on and in the years to come great companies known for their well-crafted products started to aim for short-term profit in favor of quality and repairability. Today, the once proud leaders even go after consumers threatening with lawsuits and rejecting warranties if you attempt to repair YOUR broken belonging.

Now's a good time to change this practice, we, the people and our growing awareness of sustainability issues make this a prime time to get repairing back on track! RepairWare has 3 goals:

1. The MARK

Goal number one, this is the big one!

It´s a moon shot!

But what if producers of goods were expected to mark their products as repairable or not?


Goal number two, make sure the few repair women and men left are given the best opportunity to fix our things. We will help them thrive and by doing so create rewarding new jobs and yet again flourishing repair shops!


Goal number three, make us all repairmen and women. Reignite the pride in fixing our things. Remember that feeling of awe and joy when your favorite toy was still usable after your grandma fixed it.