Your support is much needed… great to see you!

Happy to see you, since you came this far you are probably already a devoted fixer. You are part of a growing number of consumers and activists wanting a reignite a culture where we repair and take care of our belongings.

1. The MARK

Goal number one, this is the big one!

It´s a moon shot!

But what if producers of goods were expected to mark their products as repairable or not?


Goal number two, make sure the few repair women and men left are given the best opportunity to fix our things. We will help them thrive and by doing so create rewarding new jobs and yet again flourishing repair shops!


Goal number three, make us all repairmen and women. Reignite the pride in fixing our things. Remember that feeling of awe and joy when your favorite toy was still usable after your grandma fixed it.

Get involved and help RepairWare grow world wide acceptance. To reach our goal we need all the support we can get! We need people who write, take photos & video, we want passionate tinkers, makers and repairers,

Is there anything you feel can be of value to the RepaireWare community, please get in touch. If you got too much money and too little time please consider a donation to support the cause:

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