Join in on the revival of the repairwomen and men!

This section features those women and men around the world fixing our stuff. They take pride in repairing our broken and worn out belongings. It's no financial dream, the reward comes in satisfaction seeing us smile and pat our favorite toys, tools or clothes.

These heroes will shine in our spotlight series. Stay tuned and bring your broken stuff to your local hero!

Gabriel, at Slussen Sthlm 2013


On a trip to Stockholm I passed Gabriel, he sat in the midst of Sthlm busiest bike lane offering to repair or fine-tune bikes. This hero would even respond to phone calls for bike fixes citywide. So if you're in Sweden's capital and need a bike repair, you know who to call, Skånsk Love!

The Shoemaker, made in Brooklyn.

Frank Catalfumo is a 91 year old shoemaker and repairer in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. He first opened the doors to F&C Shoes in 1945 and continues to work five days a week alongside his son Michael. If you're ever in the area, make sure to stop by the shop and listen to one of Frank's amazing stories about life in Brooklyn back in the day. (Directed by Dustin Cohen)

Dustin Choen met and made this wonderful short film about 91 year old shoe repairer, Frank Catalfumo.

Doctor Frankenstein of Teslas
- Rich Benoit

Rich collects and buys crashed, drowned or otherwise left to die Tesla's. He then harvests and repairs these cars to fully functional Tesla's again. What he does is fantastic and all by himself… a true repair hero! In this mini-documentary by Motherboard he also shares some thoughts on the whole repair what you own challenge.

The full article can be found at: rich-rebuilds-tesla-repair-and-salvage via Motherboard
Rich Benoit, aka at: Rich Rebuilds, youtube

Stay tuned for more hero stories to come (if you have a local repair hero, let us know & we’ll pay her or him a tribute)