Who, what, why? Hopefully, you'll find answers to all your questions, here…

This section features those women and men around the world fixing our stuff. They take pride in repairing our broken and worn out belongings. It's no financial dream, the reward comes in satisfaction seeing us smile and pat our favorite toys, tools or clothes. These heroes will shine in our spotlight series. Stay tuned and bring your broken stuff to your local hero!


Hi I'm Hans, I like to repair stuff. So I've started RepairWare, come join the repairolution…

RepairWare was initiated by Hans Gerhard Meier. The phrase “trash it, buying a new one is cheaper” made him angry and disappointed. So, one day he came up with the concept of labeling products to let us know whether it was made for repair or the dumpster.

Will the big fish bite? Will the consumer make the change and buy lasting products or is cheaper still the mantra. Hans is on a quest to inform and persevered politicians to make change happen. While all this tedium lobbying is going on, RepairWares other goal is to make us better repair women and men. There is so much you can already do with the tools you have at home. Still tools and desire to fix isn’t enough, knowledge and expertise is critical. You don’t want to make something broken even more damaged:-)

Repairware.org will eventually help and show everyone what possibilities there are to make your beloved stuff live an extra few moths or even years.

Press kit

Sound bits are served here… We know your working hours are filled so we want to make it easy for you to report on what's going on with RepairWare (also, we want you to have more time fixing things that are broken) Our stair pitch (elevators are tough to fix) We want to fix the world one repair after another. We are not alone, all around the world consumers see their new bought products last shorter every year, expected to trash and upgrade have become the normal. To fix our environmental problems there needs to be action taken on several levels, one of which is repairing our stuff. The industry must meet this reality and make their goods repairable.

Media content is continually added, for now we have a small library of photos and video. As son as we have more we will let you know. If you have any special request please get in touch, we can fix it!

Visuals for Repairware can be downloaded here. The package contains the most used parts.

Can’t wait to read your input and comments, please use the form below or go for the options on the right.